About Us

Our Company

Beijing EIGPay Information Technology co. ltd. is a leading global provider of financial technology services. EIGPay was established in 2013 by a core team of consultants and IT experts with a broad range of experiences from international IT companies.

We focus on providing unified payment and settlement, cross-border payment, integrated accounting services, global treasury management, supply chain finance, financial leasing, big data, cloud and distributed computing and financial information services to domestic and foreign banks, financial institutions and enterprises.

EIGPay's headquarters is located in Beijing, with 10 branch offices spread throughout China. We are continuously building a global service network for our clients.

EIGPay employs nearly 400 staff. Our core team consists of business and technical experts with experience working with international IT and consulting companies such as IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, DDT, Microsoft, Capgemini, UnionPay, and Alibaba, among others.

EIGPay adhears to a business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism, professionalism, and growth. And, over the last 6 years, we have been dedicated to providing complete end-to-end Fintech solutions, advanced technical platforms, project consulting and implementation, SaaS and Open API services, operation and maintenance services towards the financial sector and large enterprises.

Our Concept


Do not exaggerate to customers unrealistic goals, all efforts, the goal is to effectively solve customers practical problems


In the process of service, honest and trustworthy, is a trustworthy partner


Excellent professional quality, rich experience implementation in industry ;Our customers will have our world-class quality and value - for - money service


We will bring the advanced management, architecture, design and innovation we have learned in the past two decades to Chinese enterprises to lead domestic solutions in the field of payment, help Chinese enterprises to go international and perfect solutions, and cultivate a team of cutting-edge transaction banking solutions, making IT the best IT consulting and implementation team in China


Card payment

POS acquiring, ATM acquiring, Card exchange, IC Card issuance, magnetic strip Card issuance, including Unionpay, VISA, Master Card, main Card organization related Card issuance, receipt, business consultation and IT implementation.

International payments

SWIFT international import and export, transfer related business consulting and IT implementation;Cross-border renminbi payments

SOA solution

ESB solutions, process banking solutions, master data solutions, unified portal solutions, mobile portal solutions

Local payment

Business consulting and IT implementation related to local clearing and payment and regional clearing in major currencies of major countries in the world, including us dollar, euro, British pound, Australian dollar, Singapore dollar and Japanese yen, as well as business consulting and IT implementation related to domestic and overseas RMB clearing

third party payment

Microcredit solutions, big data financial consultation, virtual account solutions, virtual POS solutions, stored-value card solutions, direct bank card network solutions